Building Relationships since 1992 If there’s one thing 28 years in the construction industry has taught us – it’s that the success of your project is directly related to the strength of the team assembled and their ability to work together. We understand that in order to get things done, excellent communication and transparency is key. Our team is efficient, professional and experienced, dedicated to making sure that your project is completed according to your goals.


Conventional construction is when an owner hires an architect who develops the design and produces the construction documents for permitting, pricing and construction. We have relationships with several architects that consistently ask us to competitively bid their projects. A good portion of our workload is acquired in this process.


Clients also bring project ideas or needs to Loken Construction, and we assist in finding an appropriate architect. Working as a team through the design process, we lend our construction expertise in keeping the scope of the project in line with the budget. We then negotiate a fixed price contract for construction. These projects stay on track and have excellent results. A highly recommended method of doing business.

Design and Build

In the design build concept, our company is responsible for both the design and the construction of the project. This is a viable option when projects are fairly straight-forward with minimal design needs.

We utilize this method predominately in basic kitchen and bathroom remodels; the changing out of kitchen cabinetry with minor reconfiguration. We’ve done many of these projects very successfully. The customers love them, and so do we!

Cost Plus

This is a variable amount of money whereby the homeowner pays everything over the contracted sum. We tend to do this when the permitted plans we receive are not thorough enough to give a sure bid. The cost plus work we do used to be limited to repairs and handyman-type projects, but we have recently moved this direction when we don’t quite know what we are up against going into a remodel.

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